• Chuck and Joe, Congratulations on a very successful 10 years. You have provided a great service to MAC and I am sure we are a safer company because of what you provide for us. Thanks!

    Chuck Kunisch Michigan Ag Commodities
  • Happy Anniversary to SMS. Your company has been a leader in the Safety Awareness and Training arena. Thank you for all you do, and your commitment to “Send them Home Safely” program goals. You are... leaders in the Agri-Business industry.

    Bob Marlow Ag Industry Consultant
  • SMS has helped to make safety a priority in our company. The courses address key safety areas and there are selections that cover safety practices in our dairy and farming operations.

    Michelle Averhoff, Safety Director Royal Dairy - Noble Farms Dairy
  • We have been able to cover more safety topics in a shorter amount of time, and our meetings are much more streamlined. The feedback I get from the guys is that they like being able to take their time with it. And the part I like the most is the tracking/record keeping. It's great!

    Kristy Lowe, Chief Information Officer Lowes Pellets and Grain
  • I just wanted you to know that things are progressing extremely well. The training has exceeded my expectations.

    Mark Rumbold, Vice President Rumbold & Kuhn, Inc.
  • Safety Made Simple has truly changed the game when it comes to Agriculture Safety Training. Most safety platforms are just generic training to satisfy OSHA requirements. SMS has created a program that digs deeper and allows job specific training to each department and/or position in the beef industry. Cobalt Cattle Company employees have really enjoyed this over what we have used in the past.

    From an admin standpoint, SMS is very customizable to suit the needs of everyone. Being able to create groups and apply training to that specific group is tremendous. This saves time and gives you confidence that no one was left out. Also, the reporting side of the system is very simple, yet informative.

    Overall, SMS has done a great job at creating content and a platform that is much appreciated in the Ag industry.

    Taylor Dutton | Regional Feedyard Operations| EHSS Manager Cobalt Cattle Company, LLC
  • Our employees like the length and they understand the training. The content is top notch and developed by the best people in the industry. It is presented in a way that employees easily relate to and, since the training is to the point and not drawn out, our people easily fit it into their schedules. It is very easy for everyone to access and to use, and for us to administer. We started with it in our feedlot and it worked so well that we expanded SMS into all of our grain operations. The bottom line is that it works.

    Brent Bayliff, Safety Director Beachner Grain, Inc.
  • Safety Made Simple has been a significant contributing factor with Kokomo Grain going over two years without a lost time incident. It's been an extremely important part of our safety initiatives.

    Butch Hendrix, Safety Director Kokomo Grain
  • Safety Made Simple’s online training program has been a fundamentally important aspect in establishing and maintaining a culture of safety and success for our company.

    Clarke Nelson Valley Feeds/Husky Hogs
  • Safety Made Simple has helped our company out tremendously. No more early morning Safety meetings, no more having to sign a sheet of paper saying they were at the safety meeting.

    All I have to do is select which course(s) I want the crews and shop guys to watch and send it to them. They watch it on their tablets on the way to the job site, and take the test. Then I print off the report that everyone has watched the video and passed the test.

    There is no more wasting my time looking for something to go over each month. It takes about 5 minutes now to set up my monthly safety meetings. Safety Made Simple has everything you need broke down, so it’s as easy as select and send.

    Anthony Drewes Goebel Construction, Inc.
  • SMS Team, Happy Anniversary! You have provided our company and our industry with exactly what we needed in our Safety Training Program! Your industry-specific training allows us to focus on what keeps our crews safe in the field and helps them each go home safely at the end of their shift! To that I say "THANK YOU" and congratulations!!

    Cheyenne Wohlford, CEO CCS Group, LLC