Livestock Safety

  • What Is Livestock Safety?

    Do your agribusiness activities involve working with livestock? Implementing appropriate safety procedures is crucial for protecting your employees and the animals they're handling. Safety Made Simple offers a wide selection of farming and livestock safety courses that can significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries at your workplace. Ranch, feedyard, and farm workers may be unaware of the many hazards they could face on the job. Our training programs provide essential information to help them protect themselves and the animals they work with every day. This knowledge can help create a safer work environment by significantly reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

  • About Our Livestock Safety Training

    Our extensive catalog includes an assortment of interactive online programs covering the safety issues that affect your operations. Examples of our course offerings include:

    Low-Stress Cattle-Handling: Acclimation: This livestock acclimation course is one of several that addresses how to reduce the anxiety of cattle when working with them. Discover what cattle acclimation is, why it's important and the consequences of unsuccessful implementation.

    Feedyard Safety Orientation: The Critical First Step: Our program is an introductory overview of working in livestock feed yards. Learn to identify normal activities and some of the potential dangers. Discover how to apply safety and injury prevention practices.

    Cowboy Safety: Horses and Pen Conditions: This online animal safety course covers the hazards of working in a feed yard environment and the role that proper horse selection plays in promoting safety. It also addresses the importance of safe pen conditions.

    Confined Spaces: A Bad Air Event: Working in confined spaces poses significant risks to workers. Use the information in this course to understand the importance of monitoring the atmosphere prior to and during entry into permit-required confined spaces.

    Safety When Administering Treatment (Dairy): Treating injured or sick animals requires caution and care. This livestock safety training program discusses best practices for handling dairy animals and how using appropriate safety equipment can benefit the process.

    Examples of other pertinent livestock safety training topics we address include general dairy and milker safety, cowboy safety, moving and treating animals, and calf care procedures.

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