Construction Safety

  • What Is Construction Safety?

    Construction sites are hectic locations filled with workers, moving equipment, and many potential hazards. Safety Made Simple is your one-stop headquarters for interactive training courses that instruct employees on how to lower the risk of accidents. Our goal is to help you send your people home safely. Because of the many hazards present at construction sites, workers can easily overlook a potentially dangerous situation. Our goal is to provide targeted training opportunities that reduce the risk and help you create a safer, more productive work environment.

  • About Our Construction Safety Training

    "We offer numerous courses designed to make job sites safer. Examples of programs that apply to the construction industry include:

    Fall Protection: Introduction to Fall Arrest and Restraint: Falls are the leading cause of severe injuries and deaths at construction sites. This interactive course covers the importance of utilizing appropriate fall protection strategies when working at heights.

    Moving Vehicle Safety: Trucks and heavy equipment move in and around construction sites throughout the day. Use this informative mobile equipment safety program to define and identify various struck-by hazards and learn how to apply best practices to prevent these incidents.

    Mobile Elevated Work Platforms/Aerial Lifts: Do you use mobile elevated work platforms at your construction sites? Our aerial lift and mobile elevated work platform safety courses teach workers how to recognize and avoid hazards when working with this equipment.

    Forklift Safety: If your material handling operation uses sit-down, counterbalance lift equipment, this interactive forklift safety training program identifies steps for preventing tip-overs and other dangerous incidents.

    Crane Safety: Operations: Use our crane safety course to learn about the benefits of pre-use inspections and how to take appropriate precautions when using this equipment near power lines.

    Three Point Rule: Preventing Slips and Falls: Slip-and-fall injuries are common at many constriction sites. Use this online course to learn the importance of maintaining three points of contact when climbing ladders or mounting and dismounting equipment.

    Additional construction-related topics we cover include skid steer and front-end loader safety, portable ladders, scaffolding safety, permit-required confined spaces, heat illness prevention, oxy-fuel welding and cutting, electrical safety, personal protective equipment, hand and portable power tools, crane signaling, to name a few."

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