Grain Handling

Do your agricultural operations engage in grain handling? You probably know that some aspects of grain-related tasks can create hazardous working conditions for your employees.

Safety Made Simple can help by offering various grain handling training courses focusing on workplace safety.

  • What is Grain Handling Safety?

    Knowledge of safe grain handling and storage practices is crucial for preventing catastrophic incidents. Industry-specific training programs, such as those offered by Safe Made Simple, provide the information employees need to protect themselves and their co-workers. These programs also enable management personnel to understand what it takes to create a less hazardous work environment for their teams.

  • How Do You Provide Grain Handling Safety Training?

    Our online format can provide superior results compared to other instructional methods. We use easy-to-follow exercises and other interactive tools to engage learners and promote a more effective learning experience. Your team members can participate in the training whenever their schedules allow via a computer, smartphone or tablet.

  • Why Choose Safety Made Simple?

    Our training programs feature the expertise of safety professionals with specific knowledge and insight regarding your industry. Your employees will receive relevant information they can apply to their unique workplace environments. You'll receive service from a dedicated team that shares your goal of getting your workers home safely.