Grain Industry

Safety Made Simple’s grain industry specific training has been developed from over 15 years of consulting in the grain handling industry.

With Safety Made Simple Online University courses, your organization will:

  • Have unlimited access to custom-built grain industry safety programs (in both English and Spanish).
  • Be able to assign specific training programs to individual employees, or designate training by grouping employees by location, department, or job function.
  • Be able to train, test and track your employees’ training, easily and online.
  • Determine which employees have completed courses, when they were completed, what the employee’s score was, and how many attempts it took to pass.

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Topics specific to the Grain Industry, and available through Safety Made Simple’s online university, include:

  • Grain Entrapment/Engulfment
  • Entry into Grain Storage Structures
  • Preventing Grain Dust Explosions
  • Grain Fumigation Safety
  • Truck Dump Safety
  • Grain Barge Loading
  • Sweep Augers
  • Rail Safety
For other general industry-related topics, click here
Our employees like the length and they understand the training. The content is top notch and developed by the best people in the industry. It is presented in a way that employees easily relate to and, since the training is to the point and not drawn out, our people easily fit it into their schedules. It is very easy for everyone to access and to use, and for us to administer. We have had the feedlot programs in that part of our operation for over a year and look forward to incorporating it into our grain operations. The bottom line is that it works.Brent Bayliff, Safety Director

Beachner Grain, Inc. Neosho Valley Feeders, LLC.