Cost effective online training for your organization. Safety Made Simple offers online training in workplace safety, human resources, management, and productivity.

With Safety Made Simple Online University courses, your organization will:

  • Have unlimited access to custom-built safety programs (in both English and Spanish).
  • Unlimited access to a growing library of courses in safety, human resources, and management.
  • Be able to assign specific training programs to individual employees, or designate training by grouping employees by location, department, or job function.
  • Be able to train, test and track your employees’ training, easily and online.
  • Determine which employees have completed courses, when they were completed, what the employee’s score was, and how many attempts it took to pass.

For employees, online training is made simple.

Courses are self-paced, and available in both English and Spanish. If an employee has to stop in the middle of training, he or she can simply resume the class at a later date without having to start over again. When courses are completed, this information is instantly available online to the employer and printable certificates of completion are also available for the employee to print.

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Courses available through Safety Made Simple Online University include:

Sample Human Resources Courses:
  • Bullying in the Workplace
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Employee Recognition
  • Employee Retention
  • Ethical Behavior
  • Form I-9 and Employee Eligibility Verification
  • Handling Angry Employees
  • Leadership vs. Management
  • Managing Risk in an Aging Workforce
  • Recruiting Excellent Employees
  • Sexual Harassment Awareness: AB 1825
  • Sexual Harassment Training – Harassment Awareness
  • Sexual Harassment Training for Managers
  • The Risks of Social Media
  • Understanding the Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Workplace Anger
  • Workplace Harassment
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
Sample Management Courses:
  • Disciplinary Action and Procedures
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness
  • Supervisor Skills 101
  • Supervisor Skills 201
  • Transition from Peer to Supervisor
  • Workers’ Compensation
Sample Productivity Courses:
  • Developing Effective Communication Skills
  • Enhancing Work Relationships
  • Goal Setting Skills
  • Keeping Your Cool
  • Time Management Skills
  • Writing an Effective E-Mail
Sample Industry Specific Safety & Environmental Courses: