Cattle Feeding

Safety Made Simple’s feed yard specific training was developed after working with more than 60 feed yards for over 20 years. Its purpose is simple: to prevent accidents and save lives.

With Safety Made Simple Online University - for cattle feed yards, your organization will:

  • Be able to train, test and track your employees’ training, easily and online.
  • Have unlimited access to custom-built feed yard specific safety programs (in both English and Spanish).
  • Unlimited access to a library of courses in human resources, productivity and management.
  • Be able to assign specific training programs to individual employees, or designate training by grouping employees by location, department, or job function.
  • Determine which employees have completed courses, when they were completed, what the employee’s score was, and how many attempts it took to pass.

Call 844–8SAFETY (844–872–3389) for more information, or to schedule a demo.

Topics specific to the Cattle Feeding Industry, and available through Safety Made Simple Online University, include: 

  • Pen riding
  • Cattle movement
  • Confined spaces
  • Lockout tagout
  • Fire and explosion prevention
  • Electrical safety
  • Yard maintenance
  • Feed delivery
For other general industry-related topics, click here
Our employees are learning about safety that applies to their jobs. They love the format, actual case histories and the Spanish speaking employees find it easy to understand. Everyone has a better understanding of how to do their jobs safely and can put the information they learned to use. At Cactus Feeders we’ve used online training for years, but Safety Made Simple training is industry specific and is far superior to the others that we’ve used.Ron Odell

Cactus Feeders Safety Director